Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A letter to the other side

Ibrahim Mothana, Age: 25, Cause of death: Heart Attack, Yemen
Mohamed Yosri Salama age 39 cause of death: Septicemia, Egypt
Mohammed Masheharawi, Age 31, Cause of Death: Road traffic accident, Palestine

Aaron Swartz, age 28, Cause of death: Suicide, New York 

Taken by sinister death in one year, less than one year. how could you? I am writing to you maybe one day in this electromagnetic spectrum existence you might run into it.. or maybe some of the living might as well!

You meant a lot to me both in personal and conceptual level. Although people say that your ideas will live on and I should honor your memory by honoring and carrying your ideas. 
Well screw that, an idea doesnt study with you, recommend you books, inspire you, or have coffee with you! you need a person to sell you the idea, to embody the idea despite our human sever shortcomings they would still carry that idea!

 Ibrahim, your last post 6 months prior to your departure from this realm said, death doesnt ache the dead, it aches the living.. thats what we were left with, that thing I had from me and i saw more vibrant in you.. seeing those books thrown around in ur car, you said u keep good books there in case you get a ride with someone u like then u can gift them that :)

Mohmed I still remember from med school and I didnt tell you this, I would hang out with you for your calming demenour and your unmatched ability to put it all in prospective without being extreme or harsh! with our distance chat from time to time across the years you maintained that ability.. the accident left me shattered for days wishing your son, wife and family all the best!

Dr Salama, I received your deaths news in the evening, and cried for the whole night.  you have embodied to me what politically active inclined Muslims should be, in calm and away from the rehtorics of political Islam, un-negotiating and non ever compromising.. you left when you sensed others getting astray politically not to get yourself scratched with that nonsense, I highly admired you for that, maybe you knew what would happen so your body just gave up.

Aaron, man you invented the only thing i didn't even attempt to understand which made u a genius to me..RSS, at the age of 28 u had your mark all over the walls of the internet, with that Brooklyn boyish looks and starting mid sentence! you killed yourself? man, really? it is one thing contemplating and talking abt that stupid thought "who hasn't? but going ahead and do it?

Guys, I wont honor your ideas, or your memory.. you did that while you were alive! I would miss discussing them with you, being challenged by your work, points of view, and work!

I hope I would still be able to hold great ideas and produce challenging work that will help give out the same effect you had in the world, specifically mine!

Thank you, and Good Bye. I'll Cease every moment!