Thursday, December 22, 2011

In ALjazeera Stream, about Yemen Revolution and why AQAP will eat your cat

This was my first contribution in Aljazeera stream with couple of cool guests first was Alec Ross, Senior Adviser for innovation in the State department and the other was Turi Munthe from Demotix, you can see my part from

and also in the post show which didnt come on TV from

the show was aired May 3rd

Replay on #ShameonReuters ردي على قحطان و آخرين حول رويترز

New friends.. a massacre in Taiz, and how many sandwiches 126 mil $ buy

Thursday, October 6, 2011

أصوات الشبكة مرة أخرى, حول المبادرة الخليجية

مرت المبادرة الخليجية لأنقاذ صالح و توريط الشعب اليمني بمراحل عدة و كان هدفها هو تعطيل الحراك الثوري في اليمن و استدراك الاحزاب بجزرة لا يزالوا يتمنوها, للخلاص من تبعات ثورة بدأها غيرهم و تولي زمام الامور في مرحلة انتقالية

أعتراض الشباب في الساحات كان مبكرا على المبادرة ككل و بالذات البند الخاص بمناعة صالح و عائلته

من جهة أخرى تحدثنا حول دعوة الفاضل علي صالح(على اساس)  بمنع الاختلاط في الساحات

أصوات الشبكة: الأطباء في قلب الانتفاضة اليمنية

كان هذا ظهوري الاعلامي الاول على قناة دولية, كانت المشاعر متقدة حينها بعد مجزرة جمعة الكرامة الذي قتل فيها قناصة تابعين للنظام اكتر من 35 شاب في ساعة المجزرة و توفي اكثر من 20 متأثرين بجراحهم خلال الايام التي تلتها.. و كنت قد شاركت بعلاج الجرحى في المستشفى الميداني و بعدها في أحد المستشفيات القريبة من ساحة التغيير

كان من حسن الحظ ان الأعلامية تاتيانا الخوري هو أول من قابلني في الاعلام الدولي, أحترافيتها العالية و مقدرتها على ادارة الحوار و اختيار الصور المناسبة كان اكثر من رائع

الجدير بالذكر ان في ذلك اليوم اصيب حوالي 625 شخص بالرصاص حسب احصائية نشرها المستشفى الميداني في حينه, و قد تم هذا كله في اقل من نصف ساعة فأذا فرضنا ان ما اصاب الناس هو 50% من الرصاص المقذوف فقد اطلق على مجموعة من المعتصمين المسالمين حوالي 1200 رصاصة في نصف ساعة فقط

و قلك نظام صالح مش دموي؟ ماذا تركت؟

Thursday, July 14, 2011

polarization come!

I was talking to a young Egyptian politician the other day prior to me meeting a prominent American official, I knew this Egyptian guy for years as a friend and as a doctor, and although our political views differed we managed to be very good friends

the question that I had to ask him and delay his sleep for 90 minutes was: why do you guys in Egypt have it heavy against the Americans in your politics and what does he recommend regarding this big meeting of mine? he simply answered don't meet the man your interests don't match (just like our interests in Egypt don't match with the Americans! I could understand his logic, but I had to dig a little further knowing our situation in Yemen differed a bit, so I went further.. I know your party speaks to the American here and there! and he kept denying and he said it is a core fundamental issue for them not to speak to the Americans unless it s all in the open and very well documented and on Camera.

after 90 minutes of back and forth along those lines, I had to hang up our little chat and let my tired friend go to bed!

That was the starting point for me to think, how did all the parties ended up here, and where to head from here to the future?

my answer to self was (stupid ass governance along with dictatorships from the end of 70s till now) surly did no good from the Arabs side to present themselves to the world in one side.. and overly pragmatic and overly (lets stand with Israel for this time only) policy from the Americans that led to more polarization and to slogans like (American is the greatest devil)

The Arab spring is bringing an unprecedented chance for this polarization to end, however I still see all sides not investing to make it fade, in the contrary one can clearly see how limping the US foreign policy is behaving when it comes to expressing discontent towards their old dictator friends (we know he is a SOB but he is our SOB) to the over blaming of the US role in Arab politics and insisting on the the Americans said not to do this to us ??? ( I thought in your country u should be more relevant than the us (if u wanna play politics) other wise go do some gardening!

I don't like any anti sentiment, anti American or anti Iran for that matter in the Arab world right now, we wasted our chance to alliance with Iran in the 80s with our stupid Iraq/Iran war and we wasted our chance to play it well with the Americans in 50s

I can understand how difficult it was back then, since no1 knew anything about the other rather than orientalist tales and pillars of wisdom of the one and only Lawrence of Arabia (which i hate)

but this is not accepted now! why? because you are reading this!

** picture of the BBC Channel still thinking Tunisia had a crisis (rather than a revolution) on the day Ben Ali departed the country

Monday, June 6, 2011

Dont just stand there and whine!

It is absurd how many ppl are dealing with the revolutions in their countries as they are watching a tennis match on TV! they advice Nadal through the screen shouting Go left .. faster,, no no right u fucking idiot! revolutions ladies and Gentlemen is not a show on TV ending up by a tyrant going home.. today in Syria 80 people died in one incident, I lost a childhood friend in Syria, and some got imprisoned, I lost several people I know in Yemen as well, I know an Egyptian blogger who was stripped in public when the central security caught him in Jan 25th, and doctors who were trapped in the hospitals in Banghazi in Libya under air raids.. this is a very close call, very personal and very dangerous!

The situation is difficult, our phones are tabbed, we are being harassed at work (if we still have work left) we wake up everyday with all the possibilities of our lives to be shattered by a single wrong move! activists in the middle east are doing the arab spring without expeirence, no support, with everything to lose and nothing to win but the dignity that our regimes are trying to break since ever. then we find all sorts of ppl lecturing us on what to or not to do without real knowledge on the ground!

I had a call today from someone in Alhasba saying they had rotten bodies on the street and they dont know how to deliver them out! because the partys cant agree on what s a neutral car to pass in.. news about a possible outbreak of cholera in Abyan, and a devastating situation of IDPs in Aden scattered in schools! about 20'000 ppl are there now with no real support systems to catch them!

as of course impotent local NGOs fight over how to suck their donors and how to find routes to build a sustainable capacity bu.. blah blah blah barf!

ppl are dying on the streets because of Tyrants, and what everybody is lending is another lecture on what to do.. i will tell u what to so SHUT UP AND DO SOMETHING!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I see dead political intiatives

although i despised the way the political initiatives wants to maneuver around the revolution in Yemen, and how indifferent international community was and still is to the cause of the revolution and to the desire of the Yemeni ppl for justice and moving forward towards a modern state that we deserved along ago and kept out of!

Tthe GCC initiative which became very popular in the EU and backed by the US to keep Yemen from exploding into a million pieces that will eat the whole universe and leave it to ashes ( am i being dramaric enough?)

The initiatives went into several phases and I will use ther term Mobadara: initiative

Mobadara 0.8: that was brought up after ali saleh has asked the (Brothers in the Gulf) to intervene to stop the blood bath

that Yemen might up in (he said) this one suggested that ali saleh was to leave immediately and give up his authorities to

vice president who is ironically enough not legally the vice president (wasnt appointed by a republican decree but was appointed verbally in a random day in 1994)

-the JMP welcomed this (to prevent the country from sliding into a blood bath),
-the revolutionary youth have rejected it because it is not an issue with the president however it is against a whole regime.
-alisaleh has rejected the thing before it saw life! and said anything that comes from qatar or aljazeera is rejected rejected rejected!

Mobadara 1.0 : the immediate departure of saleh was replaced by a transition period of 60 days but the president had to sign alone! so he rejected it because he sees himself not as a political player, but as a leader that .. whatever, so he says the party should be the entity signing.

mobadara 2.0 : by then the GCC and basically ksa started becoming restless, and they asked the JMP and the some politicians from the regime to discuss terms of what should happen, but still it didnt move much and everyone had to go home empty handed.. JMP basically accepted the initiative but said they wont participate in the next gov, and they have no control on the protests.

mobadara 3: and that s when things became interesting, EVERTHING was asked by the president was answered and the JMP was pressured to accept the deal negotiated in alriadh including 50\50 participation in a unity gov and commitment to remove all reasons of tension from the street (that's the revolution)

-ali saleh refused this time, he has to sign as the head of his party since this is a political crisis not a national uprising..

mobadara 4.0 : thats when all was set and the GCC secretary started visiting Sana'a and leaving back and forth because one or the other was refusing to sign! to the point when he left last Wednesday and said damn it i am going to expose u all guys! then suddenly he decided to come back and as of last night the jmp signed! and then the president said it is dirty to sign behind closed doors .. lol

what gets my attention in all of this, how all the parties involved in this pathetic political move ignored the real deal behind all of this.. the revolution and the youth in it!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Escelation in the Yemeni revolution

As the Yemeni youth revolution decides to make its final move.. a walk in a demonstration in may 10th

Saturday, April 16, 2011

State of Emergency in Yemen??

The unconstitutional, forged state of emergency.. as if we didnt live in a state of emergency for the past decade or more

Yemen is rained with resignations!

General Ali Mohsen promises to protect the protestors in Sana'a everyone deserted the ruling party

How to help the Revolution in Yemen? A Msg from a Yemeni blogger

On how to help the revolution in Yemen

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Aid intrensic dependency syndrome! STOP NOW!

aid thanks but no thanks

I visited Egypt in 2003 with all those notions i hear and read from Egyptian officials that Egypt had limited resources

and it is barely surviving and that why they are throwing most of the population beyond poverty line and beyond literacy.
linked to that a whine for the need to aid from the international community. I have always believed that it was a pile of crappy allegations because I could see with my own eyes how prosperous could Egypt be and how many possibilities laid before it.

the same rhetoric has always been repeated in Yemen, the need of aid and the constant baby whine about the increasing number of population and how it is consuming the country limited resources.

Once Mubarak’s regime collapsed and his accounts in Swiss and other banks were exposed the astronomical numbers started to appear, 40-70 bn dollars! GODDAMN! he alone managed to steal all that with the country having limited resources??? how much could he have stolen if it was a prosperous country.

Since I know the regime in Yemen is more similar than not to the one in Egypt I really wonder now how much money will be exposed once the curtain falls and the regime gets removed it became embarrassing for me on the personal level when all I hear from the foreign affairs minister of my country everywhere he goes is we need aid.. we need aid.. billions and billions of dollars in aid? what for? what happened to the billions coming before?

millions upon millions of dollars are given to Yemen annually in the form of Aid, and it only helps the regime survives, the people are not benefiting by anything of it! in all aspects we r just finding the regime stronger by that aid rather than the people of the country, and it is sometime doing the work the government is supposed to do.

Did you know?
The government hasn’t build any schools in the last 20 yrs
No public general hospitals has been built in the country in the past 20 years

stop the aid for Yemen, the country is not benefiting from it! but the henchmen of the regime to fill themselves and their accounts up.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

لماذا نذهب ألى ساحة التغيير؟

نذهب لأننا نعلم كما يعلم كل عاقل أن البلاد تذهب ألى الدمار أذا ما أستمر الحال كما هو عليه من أدارة اليلاد بعقلية الأزمات و التخوين و الخروج من نفق مظلم الى آخر. فبسبب سوء أدارة ملف المتقاعدين في محافظات لحج و الضالع تحول الموضوع من مطلب فئوي الى مطلب بأنفصال من الجمهورية, و في صعدة تم أستخدام سوء التنمية و الجهل بشكل وفر بيئة لتنامي فتنة أسيء ادارتها حتى على لامستوى الأمني و العسكري لتصبح الان صعدة الى مستنع للفتن عوضا عن كونها سلة فاكهة اليمن و محتذب سياحي.. و هي بلدة طيبة و أهلها كرماء

لماذا نذهب؟
لأن البلد خارجة علينا بخسارة! أصبحت البلاد متأزمة بطريقة صعب علينا فيها ممارسة حياة طبيعية فلا تعليم و لا رعاية صحية, و لا معاملات حكومية, و لا قضاء, حتى المساجد تم شحنها

نذهب لأن ليس لدينا ما نخسره برحيل النظام
نذهب لأن لدينا فرصة عندما يذهب النظام

انت الطيب يا عيوني

الناس تريد أسقاط النظام لأنها ما أستفادت منه شيء, و تضررت منه في كل شيء, النظام ما ترك لنا كرامة داخل البلاد و لا تركنا نتهنى ببعض الكرامة في خارجها
حتى المنظمات الدولية تتعلم الفساد في بلادنا و تتعلم تمشي حالها عندنا؟؟؟

لما سبق أنا و غيري الكثيرين نخرج الى ميدان التغيير, و من حقك ان لا تخرج الموضوع مش بالفصب حتى لو انت متضرر من النظام.. أدري بأن المرء قد يخشى المهالك, و ادري انه قد يكون معك شيء تخاف عليه هنا أو هناك و قد تدافع عن النظاك بسبب ذلك


ما لا افهمه
أنك عزيزي تكون متضرر و مش مستفيد و لا معك شي تخسره! لكنك جالس في البيت تجتر أحزانك و مجموعة من الانتقادات الفارغة و الشكوك و الاشاعات

أكتب ما ما قرأت, و استغفر الله لي ولك