Saturday, July 11, 2009

CBS Doesnt know who is who in the world of terror

As I was watching CBS tonight news (out of pure bordem) -NOW- a piece on how good the American strike is in Afghanistan, saying it killed 50 "major" alqaeda leader and it showed several pictures of bearded men with funny names beneath them..

what got my attention was they showed a picture of (Abu Hamza Almasri) showed in picture, the former MI6 informant who lives in UK now and followed by dozens of law suits, they put him in the same line as those (said to be killed in Afghanistan) with another name with his pic.. Abu Mujahid Almasri!!!!????

can anyone find that video for me.. it would hilarious, it is today's cbs evening news, Katie Coriuc was the anchoring

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Marwa Alsharbini, Murdered because? How? And now What??

Marwa Alsharbini is a woman from Egypt, a pharmacist and married to an Egyptian academic doing a research in Max Plank research centre in Dresden. Marwa is Muslim , and she wears hijab.

Last November while she was in a play ground with her 3 year old child, she asked a young man 28 year old German named Alex to let her child play on the swing, for the lack of other answers the young man called her a "Muslim Terrorist"

Marwa being the woman she is, sued him in courts and got a rule in her favour to fine the man 780 Euros for racial assault (though the fine is next to nothing) this was a moral victory to say the least.
The racist young man "Alex W." filed for an appeal, which was accepted, last week during the trial as Marwa was in court testifying, the man attacked her with a knife and stabed her 18 times which were lethal and she died on court, and as her husband jumped on her defence was stabbed 3 times as well in his chest and abdomen and now lies in critical state in the hospital.

Now how did this low life racist man managed to sneak a knife into a court house?
How did he manage to stab her 18 times? (this is the official story)
Why is 2 young highly educated Muslims assaulted and the woman killed with NO MEDIA COVERAGE WHATSOEVER?

PS. She was 3 month pregnant when murdered.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Dr Ahmed Mohsen is now FREE..

After 3 months Ahmed spent in Jail just because he is a blogger in Egypt, I think it is fit to say couple of words about one of the most enlightened men i have encountered in my life.

I knew Ahmed as a med student through various discussions in online forums, as he is for ikhwan school of thought and i am somehow not for it, we kept debating that for years in which enriched my thinking and it is fair to say his as well.

Ahmed is a hardworking influential young man, the kind of person you would see climbing ranks in whatever he does, and you could see him in a leading position anywhere in the world, but because he is where he is right now he is ending up in jail.

Because he is conforonting power with truth
because he wants a better future for himself and others
he looks at the insanity, the injuctice, torture, corruption in his country and deciding not stay silent about it, that is why he being sent to jail.

The last time he was in jail he could use that unpleasant long visit for his own good and came out stronger and he even blogged about his experience, somehow i feel this time about his visit was rougher than the last and with all heart i hope i a wrong!

i would like to talk about the very strange details of his capture and jail time, but that would be next time.