Sunday, May 3, 2009

The collapse of …. (fill the the blank)

A while ago I was discussing the issue of software piracy from an Islamic and financial prospectives with a friend. Back then I began to form an opinion about it as mere stealing -not obvious enough to many- and it should be avoided at all costs especially with free open source software becoming available.
That friend of mine, being the one he is, shot me with the shock and awe technique with the concept that if software piracy was to be limited (as a paralegal finances) it will lead into a domino effect which eventually will collapse the global economy, imagine if you will, what stands between us and a total financial meltdown are wood kiosks selling copies of the matrix trilogy film.

Since then every time I started recognizing that anyone wanted to protect whatever going around in the world (especially when it is fishy) you hear the same phrase, serious use of renewable energy will cause the oil global economy to collapse, leading to political collapse!

This will lead into financial meltdown, that will irreversibly disrupt the power balance in wherever region and so on.. which made me wonder, if the political and financial order is that fragile why not let it collapse anyway and work on something better instead of wasting our nerves, time, and resources in a vain attempt trying to protect it.

Fix as far as you can! However when the issue is deeper than fix the idea of changing the paradigm must be considered. You know, even Anakin Skywalker joined the dark side with his high metoclorains but that didn't cause the collapse of the power!!

We see examples of that all around but let me begin with political systems, democracy took us so far as humanity, but the dichotomies coming with it is not doing anybody any good.. the idea of parties (right and left) (conservative vs liberal) and so on and it is financial backbone (socialist vs capitalist ) all of that must be considered, people need solutions for their problems and they don't care where do they come from. Now we see governments in countries like Germany, having a collation between the CDU (conservative) and the SPD (socialist) it took them about 6 months to fix the government and they r doing rather well now and nothing happened! The political system didn't collapse and the country is running ok!

Change is painful as a natural process, but it doesn't require or necessarily lead to total collapse .

So now do you see?

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