Sunday, July 5, 2009

Marwa Alsharbini, Murdered because? How? And now What??

Marwa Alsharbini is a woman from Egypt, a pharmacist and married to an Egyptian academic doing a research in Max Plank research centre in Dresden. Marwa is Muslim , and she wears hijab.

Last November while she was in a play ground with her 3 year old child, she asked a young man 28 year old German named Alex to let her child play on the swing, for the lack of other answers the young man called her a "Muslim Terrorist"

Marwa being the woman she is, sued him in courts and got a rule in her favour to fine the man 780 Euros for racial assault (though the fine is next to nothing) this was a moral victory to say the least.
The racist young man "Alex W." filed for an appeal, which was accepted, last week during the trial as Marwa was in court testifying, the man attacked her with a knife and stabed her 18 times which were lethal and she died on court, and as her husband jumped on her defence was stabbed 3 times as well in his chest and abdomen and now lies in critical state in the hospital.

Now how did this low life racist man managed to sneak a knife into a court house?
How did he manage to stab her 18 times? (this is the official story)
Why is 2 young highly educated Muslims assaulted and the woman killed with NO MEDIA COVERAGE WHATSOEVER?

PS. She was 3 month pregnant when murdered.


Nazmi Razali said...

I am fom Malaysia, just knew bout this sadist tragedy when a friend of mine forwarded an email this morning. I was shocked as we are Malaysian, don't know anything about this.. May Allah bless her and family.


azizahawahab said...

Stab a person is one thing, Stabbed a 3 months old pregnant WOMAN!!! was a lunatic and horrendous act. 18 times plus 3 times to the husband, 21 times? what was that? the court security just watched? something was not right there. everybody in the court is responsible!!! Marwa definitely a syahidah, insyaAllah. AlFatihah.

Anonymous said...

Marwa's murder is unconscionable and evil. Obviously the German man who killed her is insane. In January, the young man who killed 4 people in Arizona and shot the congresswoman in her head is also mentally ill. We all have psychopaths in our society. The question is about crimes against innocent people for political reasons. On 9/11 jihad was executed by Islamist terrorists (Al-Qaeda) whose goal was to destroy America. Now we are told that Muslims are determined to replace Democratic freedoms with Shari'ah law in the West. Does the Qur'an require all Muslims to kill the infidel? Is it the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood to form a new Caliph and Islamic world order? i appreciate your honest answers (not taqiyah) to my questions. They are asked with sincerity. Thank you.
As-Salāmu`alayka. - السلام عليكم
A concerned American.