Friday, April 22, 2011

Yemeni Perspectives: A Message to analysts 2 (social change)


Movingmymind said...

Hi Hamza. My name is Diego, I write from Italy. I think your way to spread the reasons of your revolution is great and very effective. I'll try to follow the three things you proposed on how to help your revolution and to spread them (by twitter and my blog if It can be useful) . I'm following your blog, if you don't mind... My name is Diego Corrias. You can find me here: @movingmymind - - Good Luck for your fight and for the future of your amazing country.

Anonymous said...

We have a saying, It is hard to remember your object was to drain the swamp when you are up to your ass in aligators.

For people bravely putting their lives at risk fighting the aligators, beware those who have other agendas. Becasue you've not been violent doesn't remove the real threat from fundamentalist takeover. I am Procyan

Todd said...

Saw you on the AlJazeera program yesterday. Great to have an erudite face as a figurehead of the young revolutionaries in Yemen and the entire Middle East and North Africa. People like you and better information from sources like Al Jazeera tv English that I watch everyday, I am in the midst of a complete reformation of my belief system about the region and its people.
And you all are replacing my nihilism with hope that we can all someday soon be brothers and sisters in Liberty.

Louisville, Kentucky, USA