Monday, June 6, 2011

Dont just stand there and whine!

It is absurd how many ppl are dealing with the revolutions in their countries as they are watching a tennis match on TV! they advice Nadal through the screen shouting Go left .. faster,, no no right u fucking idiot! revolutions ladies and Gentlemen is not a show on TV ending up by a tyrant going home.. today in Syria 80 people died in one incident, I lost a childhood friend in Syria, and some got imprisoned, I lost several people I know in Yemen as well, I know an Egyptian blogger who was stripped in public when the central security caught him in Jan 25th, and doctors who were trapped in the hospitals in Banghazi in Libya under air raids.. this is a very close call, very personal and very dangerous!

The situation is difficult, our phones are tabbed, we are being harassed at work (if we still have work left) we wake up everyday with all the possibilities of our lives to be shattered by a single wrong move! activists in the middle east are doing the arab spring without expeirence, no support, with everything to lose and nothing to win but the dignity that our regimes are trying to break since ever. then we find all sorts of ppl lecturing us on what to or not to do without real knowledge on the ground!

I had a call today from someone in Alhasba saying they had rotten bodies on the street and they dont know how to deliver them out! because the partys cant agree on what s a neutral car to pass in.. news about a possible outbreak of cholera in Abyan, and a devastating situation of IDPs in Aden scattered in schools! about 20'000 ppl are there now with no real support systems to catch them!

as of course impotent local NGOs fight over how to suck their donors and how to find routes to build a sustainable capacity bu.. blah blah blah barf!

ppl are dying on the streets because of Tyrants, and what everybody is lending is another lecture on what to do.. i will tell u what to so SHUT UP AND DO SOMETHING!


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