Monday, September 24, 2012

Our place under the sun

Since the end of 2010 the Arab world has been revolting against despotic regimes that could lead the region into nothing but sinking. the youth of the region in countries from Tunisia to yemen, took to the streets because they had nothing to lose but their lives, which were not going anywhere anyway.
The change in the region fulfilled or not, complete or not, to your liking or not has happened and the transformation is going from whatever state we were in to having basic rights and freedoms, regardless of how hard and uphill the struggle seems and more likely to be.
Bunch of facts the "youth of the revolution" recognized are as follows
1- In the game of international relations, its business baby, nothing personal. foreign interest in the region has nothing to do with morals, democracy, human lives or  maybe even strategic gain, it is mainly about money and what's gonna keep relevant till next election.
2- We grew over the notion of caring about the worlds recognition of our cause, and if it was for nothing it would be for the fact we don't care what world thinks, it is in our hands.
3- Politics is not about one person or a group of individuals deeming to be enlightened and wanting to spread the bliss on the society, this is a communal effort, this is the job of everybody poor, rich, educated or less so, in cities and rural areas.. and it will take time, and our main challenges are poverty, lack of access to decent education, equality, and of course the change of political paradigms from despotic to democratic.
Hypes coming out like Muslim rage and hooplas regarding incidences here and there let me say this:
Our image in the west is doomed, and will never be fixed, we might as well live with that recognition and treat it like a chronic disease.
There are ppl making hundreds of thousands of dollars every year just to spread fear and hate and there's  huge invested  media apparatus to excuse their pathetic existence.. you heard me fox news you and news week
The generation that created the Arab spring doesn't care what Thomas freedman think, or what news week publishes, not because it is connected but really we pity them not only because they are fear and war mongers and we know those on daily basis, but also we know no matter how tom f thinks he knows, he just doesn't! Moreover he has alot of his own park to clean before he jumps and preach about our priorities!
For one reason only We earned our place under the sun with hard work, and sacrifices (real ones) and we wont give it up for anything!
Business as usual is changing in the middle east weather u accept it or not! so think outside the box for a change!
Picture courtesy of the awesome AbdulRahman Jaber @ARJaber

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