Friday, May 31, 2013

How much have you been lied to regarding religion? 

I know for a fact you have been lied to "at least a dozen times" by your religious institutions regarding something, no matter what faith or even if you are agnostic or athiest, you have been lied to when it comes to religion and faith.
My question has been for a while now..

 how much have we been lied to??

I have been asking friends for the past 3 days about this and nobody have given me so far an answer more than a word!

Beside the point for all my fighting religious/ sectarian folks or even agnostic peeps here’s something to think about: 
Dear Atheist, Dear Faithful: Why are you fighting all the time? You see, the solution here is simple (if we are talking about our perception and believe of God).

Dear Faithful, Sectarian etc.: God exists the way you think he does, the worst case scenario for your opponent is they are going to hell, which is awesome enough of a revenge for your trouble. Why are you wasting so much time and energy being upset on what "other" ppl are doing?

If you know you are right, try telling them about it. If they don’t agree.. sit down, enjoy a glass of berry juice and watch them go to hell!

Dear Atheist, if you think this is just it! Good, why are wasting all that time and making up stuff to let them agree, they are gonna waste their lives not enjoying what you do and that would be it!

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