Thursday, March 10, 2011

Aid intrensic dependency syndrome! STOP NOW!

aid thanks but no thanks

I visited Egypt in 2003 with all those notions i hear and read from Egyptian officials that Egypt had limited resources

and it is barely surviving and that why they are throwing most of the population beyond poverty line and beyond literacy.
linked to that a whine for the need to aid from the international community. I have always believed that it was a pile of crappy allegations because I could see with my own eyes how prosperous could Egypt be and how many possibilities laid before it.

the same rhetoric has always been repeated in Yemen, the need of aid and the constant baby whine about the increasing number of population and how it is consuming the country limited resources.

Once Mubarak’s regime collapsed and his accounts in Swiss and other banks were exposed the astronomical numbers started to appear, 40-70 bn dollars! GODDAMN! he alone managed to steal all that with the country having limited resources??? how much could he have stolen if it was a prosperous country.

Since I know the regime in Yemen is more similar than not to the one in Egypt I really wonder now how much money will be exposed once the curtain falls and the regime gets removed it became embarrassing for me on the personal level when all I hear from the foreign affairs minister of my country everywhere he goes is we need aid.. we need aid.. billions and billions of dollars in aid? what for? what happened to the billions coming before?

millions upon millions of dollars are given to Yemen annually in the form of Aid, and it only helps the regime survives, the people are not benefiting by anything of it! in all aspects we r just finding the regime stronger by that aid rather than the people of the country, and it is sometime doing the work the government is supposed to do.

Did you know?
The government hasn’t build any schools in the last 20 yrs
No public general hospitals has been built in the country in the past 20 years

stop the aid for Yemen, the country is not benefiting from it! but the henchmen of the regime to fill themselves and their accounts up.


Osama said...

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Chris said...

Dear Hamza,

I couldn't find another way of contacting you, so I thought I would do it through a blog post comment. Good blog by the way!

I am a broadcast journalism MA student based in London. Next Tuesday (29th March) I will be working on a BBC World Service radio programme in which callers from around the world phone in and give their views on the news of the day.

I was wondering if you would like to call in and make a few comments on the programme about the situation in Yemen and the rest of the Middle East.

I've read some of your Tweets and seems like you have a lot of views on the situation, which would be great to hear.

Please let me know if this is something you might be interested in and I can send you more details.

Please get in touch via email at, or via Twitter (@ChrisCreegan)

Kind regards,