Sunday, May 22, 2011

I see dead political intiatives

although i despised the way the political initiatives wants to maneuver around the revolution in Yemen, and how indifferent international community was and still is to the cause of the revolution and to the desire of the Yemeni ppl for justice and moving forward towards a modern state that we deserved along ago and kept out of!

Tthe GCC initiative which became very popular in the EU and backed by the US to keep Yemen from exploding into a million pieces that will eat the whole universe and leave it to ashes ( am i being dramaric enough?)

The initiatives went into several phases and I will use ther term Mobadara: initiative

Mobadara 0.8: that was brought up after ali saleh has asked the (Brothers in the Gulf) to intervene to stop the blood bath

that Yemen might up in (he said) this one suggested that ali saleh was to leave immediately and give up his authorities to

vice president who is ironically enough not legally the vice president (wasnt appointed by a republican decree but was appointed verbally in a random day in 1994)

-the JMP welcomed this (to prevent the country from sliding into a blood bath),
-the revolutionary youth have rejected it because it is not an issue with the president however it is against a whole regime.
-alisaleh has rejected the thing before it saw life! and said anything that comes from qatar or aljazeera is rejected rejected rejected!

Mobadara 1.0 : the immediate departure of saleh was replaced by a transition period of 60 days but the president had to sign alone! so he rejected it because he sees himself not as a political player, but as a leader that .. whatever, so he says the party should be the entity signing.

mobadara 2.0 : by then the GCC and basically ksa started becoming restless, and they asked the JMP and the some politicians from the regime to discuss terms of what should happen, but still it didnt move much and everyone had to go home empty handed.. JMP basically accepted the initiative but said they wont participate in the next gov, and they have no control on the protests.

mobadara 3: and that s when things became interesting, EVERTHING was asked by the president was answered and the JMP was pressured to accept the deal negotiated in alriadh including 50\50 participation in a unity gov and commitment to remove all reasons of tension from the street (that's the revolution)

-ali saleh refused this time, he has to sign as the head of his party since this is a political crisis not a national uprising..

mobadara 4.0 : thats when all was set and the GCC secretary started visiting Sana'a and leaving back and forth because one or the other was refusing to sign! to the point when he left last Wednesday and said damn it i am going to expose u all guys! then suddenly he decided to come back and as of last night the jmp signed! and then the president said it is dirty to sign behind closed doors .. lol

what gets my attention in all of this, how all the parties involved in this pathetic political move ignored the real deal behind all of this.. the revolution and the youth in it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Hamza,

My name is Saleem and I'm the editor of's Yemen and Gulf section.

I'd be really interested in publishing something by you (or someone you know) on the youth movement in Muftah is an online policymaking magazine that aims to give international policymakers in the Middle East a local perspective on regional events.

I've been looking for people from within Yemen's youth movement to write something on the protests, and perhaps on the limitations of the GCC initiative, and the situation on the ground. If needed we can help with crafting and editing.

Please contact me via twitter @sysh, or through my email address which you can find on my website if you are interested.

Really looking forward to hearing from you!

aindreas said...

Take care and stay safe man.