Thursday, May 12, 2011

Islam in the Midst of a Revolution


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this video. The people in it are very courageous. It is enlightening to hear the man at the end say he wants a democracy in Yemen like the United States. It was my impression from many sources, media, etc., that people in the Middle East, especially 3rd world countries, despised my country, USA, so this was encouraging to hear that educated men like him do not believe propaganda but can think for themselves. This is good.

When a country is democratic like America, bad things happen because some take advantage of our laws, but that is the price we pay for freedom. A free country must endure continuous vigilance to keep democracy for its people. Struggle and jihad does not stop by overcoming a dictator. The true fight has just begun.

mido said...

Thank you for the time and courage to capture and post this video... I have a facebook page titled "taiz holocaust"

I would like to use ur Islam revolution video for the page if it's ok. tq

best regards


HusseinY said...
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alScotlandi said...

May Allah (swt) crown your and the people of Yemen's efforts with success brother.

MashAllah, what a fantastic video.